24th International Symposium on Microscale Bioseparations (Dalian, China)

October 18, 2009 - October 22, 2009

Furama Hotel




Preliminary Program

Day 1 -- MondayOctober 19, 2009

Morning Sessions


CHAIR: Hongyuan Chen, Hanfa Zou


8:15 每 8:45Opening Remarks


8:45 每 9:20Comprehensive Characterization of Proteins Using LC/MS and CE/MS

Barry L. Karger, Barnett Institute, Northeastern University, USA


9:20 每 9:55Advancement of separation and identification techniques for proteome study

Yukui Zhang, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS, China


9:55 每 10:15Coffee Break


PLENARY LECTURE 2 in Grand Ballroom

CHAIR: Edward S. Yeung, Shouzhuo Yao


10:15 每 10:50 Extracting genetic information from single cells

Richard N. Zare, Stanford University, USA


10:50 每 11:25 Where should MEKC go?

Shigeru Terabe, University of Hyogo,Japan


11:25 每 12:00 Driving biological discovery using multidimensional separations and advanced mass spectrometry

John R. Yates, The Scripps Research Institute,USA


12:00 每 14:00Lunch Break& Agilent Workshop & Visit Exhibits and Posters


Afternoon Sessions

PARALLEL SESSION 1 in Grand Ballroom

Microfluidic Technique

CHAIR: Franti?ek Foret, Xinghua Xia


14:00 每 14:25 On-chip serum separation systems from whole blood combining with 米 每ELISA

Takehiko Kitamori, University of Tokyo, Japan


14:25 每 14:50 Application of micro/nano-fluidic analytical devices in enrichment of proteins and enzymatic reaction kinetics

Xinghua XiaNanjing University, China


14:50 每 15:15 Micro- and nanofluidics for single biomolecule and single cell analyasis

Yoshinobu Baba, Nagoya University, Japan


15:15 每 15:40Manipulation of cells and multicellular organisms with droplet and programmable microvalve based microfluidic system

Bingcheng Lin, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS, China


PARALLEL SESSION2 in Tianbofu Ballroom


CHAIR: Daniel Figeys, Xiaohong Qian


14:00 每 14:25Liquid chromatography 每 isotope dilution tandem Mass spectrometric analyses and biomarker discovery in head-and-neck / oral cancer and oral premalignant lesion

Michael K.W. Siu, York University, Canada


14:25 - 14:50Multidimensional liquid chromatography mass spectrometry to profile protein expression and multiple protein modifications

Rong Zeng, Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, CAS,China


14:50 每 15:15Use of glycan targeting antibodies to identify cancer-associated glycoproteins in human plasma.

Fred E. Regnier, Purdue University, USA


15:15 每 15:40An integrated fluidic platform for simultaneous depletion and prefractionation of proteins prior to two-dimensional electrophoresis for facilitating in-depth serum proteomics profiling

Zaid El Rassi, Oklahoma State University,USA


15:40 每 16:00Coffee Break


PARALLEL SESSION3 in Grand Ballroom

Stationary Phases

CHAIR: Steven A. Cohen, Xinmiao Liang


16:10 每 16:35Selected bioactive compounds analysis by dedicated stationary phases

Wolfgang Lindner, University of Vienna,Austria


16:35 每 17:00The preparation and application of new-style silica based stationary phase for high performance liquid chromatography

Shengxiang Jiang,Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS,China


17:00 每 17:25Molecularly imprinted microspheres for separation of drug enantiomers

Jun Haginaka, Mukogawa Women*s University, Japan


17:25 每 17:45Preparation and characterization of monolithic column by grafting pH-responsive polymer

Li Qi, Institute of Chinese Academy of Science,China


17:45 每 18:05Specific enrichment of glycopeptides/glycoproteins before mass spectrometric analysis

Haojie Lu, Fudan Unversity, China


PARALLEL SESSION4 in Tianbofu Ballroom

Sample Preparation

CHAIR: Hiankee Li, Zaid El Rassi


16:10 每 16:35On-line chiral biomarker analysis by UPLC-QToF mass spectrometry using the kinetic method with post-column derivatization

Yong-Ill Lee, Changwon National University,South Korea


16:35 每 17:00Preparation of organic-inorganic hybrid silica monolith

with octyl and sulfonic groups for capillary electrochromatography

Yuqi Feng, Wuhan University,China


17:00 每 17:25Characterization of a lamotrigine imprinted polymer and its application in molecularly imprinted solid phase extraction for drug assay in human serum

Ahmad Mohajeri, pharmacy school and pharmaceutical sciences research center, Iran


17:25 每 17:45Molecularly imprinted solid phase extraction for the selective determination of melamine in milk products with high performance liquid chromatography/ ion trap mass spectrometry

Liushui Yan, Nanchang Hangkong University,China


17:45 每 18:05Evolution of nano-scale chemistries for information-rich UPLC-based MS analyses

Patricia M. Young, Waters Corporation,USA


Day 2 -- TuesdayOctober 20, 2009


Morning Sessions

PLENARY LECTURE 3 in Grand Ballroom

CHAIR:Daniel W. Armstrong, X. Chris Le


8:15 每 8:50N-terminal & &Genome free* proteomics; de novo sequence analysis by a combination of LysN protein digestion and electron transfer dissociation

Albert J.R. Heck, University of Utrecht,Netherlands


8:50 每 9:25Chinese human proteome project〞problems and prospective

Fuchu He, Pengyuan Yang, Fudan University, China


9:25 每 10:00Single neuron metabolomics using capillary electrophoresis

Jonathan V. Sweedler,University of Illinois,USA


10:00 每 10:15Coffee Break


PLENARY LECTURE 4 in Grand Ballroom

CHAIR: Shigeru Terabe, Pengyuan Yang


10:15 每 10:50Electrokinetic microbial separations: toward sterility and diagnostic blood tests

Daniel W. Armstrong, University of Texas at Arlington,USA


10:50 每 11:25Porous polymer monoliths with surface chemistry tailored for high performance

Frantisek Svec,Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA


11:25 每 12:00Protein structure/function studied by capillary electrophoresis

Edward S. Yeung, Iowa State University,USA


12:00 每 14:00Lunch Break & Waters Workshop & Visit Exhibits and Posters


Afternoon Sessions

PARALLEL SESSION5 in Grand Ballroom

Microfluidic Technique

CHAIR: Robert T. Kennedy, Huangxian Ju


14:00 每 14:25Lithographically defined metal surfaces; modifications and applications

Franti?ek Foret, Academy of SciencesBrno,Czech Republic


14:25 每 14:50Flexible microfluidic device coupled with fracture sampling for highly efficient detection of biomolecules and illicit drugs

Huangxian Ju,Nanjing University, China


14:50 每 15:15Preconcentration, separation, and detection on microfluidic platforms

Ulrich Tallarek, Philipps-University at Marburg,Germany


15:15 每 15:40Analysis of herbicides on a single C30 bead via a microfluidic device combined with electrospray ionization quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometer

Jinming Lin, Tsinghua University,China


PARALLEL SESSION6 in Tianbofu Ballroom


CHAIR: Alberta Heck, Rong Zeng


14:00 每 14:25Glycosylation pattern analysis by glycoaffinity partitioning and multicapillary gel electrophoresis

Andr芍s Guttman, Barnett Institute,USA


14:25 每 14:50An empirical role for linear peptide selection and its application in quantitative proteomics research

Xiaohong Qian, Academy of Military Medical Science, China


14:50 每 15:15Proteomic and lipidomic technologies to explore human diseases

Daniel Figeys, University of Ottawa,Canada


15:15 每 15:40Recent advances in microfluidic chip-based liquid chromatography in LC/MS analysis

Dayin Lin, Agilent Technologies


15:40 每 16:00Coffee Break


PARALLEL SESSION7 in Grand Ballroom

Pharmaceutical and Toxicology

CHAIR: Jacques Crommen, Yuqi Feng


16:00 每 16:25Nucleic acid probes for bioanalytical detection and separation

X. Chris Le, University of Alberta,Canada


16:25 每 16:50High throughput microfluidic-based assays for screening antibody quality in process development

Hui Xu, Caliper Life Sciences, USA


16:50 每 17:15Evaluating human exposures to persistent perfluorinated compounds

Andrew Lindstrom, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, USA


17:15 每 17:40Explore glycan biomarkers for early detection of breast cancer

Shiaw-lin Wu, Northeastern University,USA


17:40 每 18:00Structural characterization of four pairs of novel racemates by chiral normal-phase high-performance chromatography combined with multistage mass spectrometry

Yuanjiang Pan, Zhejiang University, China


PARALLEL SESSION8 in Tianbofu Ballroom

CE Technology

CHAIR: Koji Otsuka, Jianhua Wang


16:00 每 16:25Amphiphilic RAFT nanoparticles as a pseudostationary phase for electrokinetic chromatography

Paul R. Haddad, University of Tasmania,Australia


16:25 每 16:50DNA sieving in star-structure polymer modified capillary zone electrophoresis

Xinxiang Zhang, Beijing University, China


16:50 每 17:15The effect of non-alternating electric field on protein-DNA interactions

Sergey N. Krylov, York University, Canada


17:15 每 17:35Crossed microfluidic molecular beam for tracking sub-microsecond kinetics of biological macromolecular folding

Bifeng Liu, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China


Day 3 -- WednesdayOctober 21, 2009


Morning Sessions

PARALLEL SESSION9 in Grand Ballroom

Pharmaceutical and Toxicology

CHAIR: Lingjun Li, Zongrong Liu


8:15 每 8:40LC/MS/MS discovery of novel water disinfection byproducts

Xingfang Li, University of Alberta,Canada


8:40 每 9:05Recent developments in the modernization of Chinese medicine in HKJCICM- separation, identification and bioactivity studies of compounds from medicinal plants

Hongxi Xu, Hong Kong Jockey Club Institute of Chinese Medicine, Hong Kong, China


9:05 每 9:30LC-MS/MS for assessing the cytotoxic and mutagenic properties of DNA lesions in cells

Yinsheng Wang, University of CaliforniaRiverside,USA


9:30 每 9:50Recent Advances in Capillary Electrophoresis Applications at Genentech

Stacey Ma, Genentech Inc.,USA


9:50 每 10:10Regulatory considerations in implementing CE in the biotech industry

Wassim Nashabeh, Genentech Inc.,USA


PARALLEL SESSION10 in Tianbofu Ballroom

CE Technology

CHAIR: Emily Hilder, Yafeng Guan


8:15 每 8:40Is Capillary Electrophoresis going into a renaissance?

Gerard P. Rozing, Agilent Technologies GmbH,Germany


8:40 每 9:05Coupling single molecule/particle techniques to Microfluidic Chip

Jicun Ren, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China


9:05 每 9:30Influence of the BGE composition on ionization performance in cyclodextrin mediated non-aqueous CE-ESI-MS

Jacques Crommen, University of Liege,Belgium


9:30 每 9:55High-speed capillary electrophoresis with translational spontaneous sample injection

Qun Fang, Zhejiang University, China


9:55 每 10:15In situ synthesis of Di-n-butyl L-tartrate-boric acid complex chiral selector and its application in chiral microemulsion electrokinetic chromatography

Xingguo Chen, Lanzhou University, China


10:15 每 10:30Coffee Break



CHAIR: Frantisek Svec, Yinsheng Wang


10:30 每 10:45Microfluidic devices for single cell analysis

Weihua Huang, Wuhan University, China


10:45 每 11:00Liquid chromatography separation and tandem mass spectrometry detection for discovery of new water disinfection by-products associated with bladder cancer

Feng Qin, University of Alberta,Canada


11:00 每 11:15Column technologies for microscale liquid chromatography

Bo Zhang, ImperialCollegeLondon,UK


11:15 每 11:30Capillary array electrophoresis of peptides using UV imaging detector

Noumie Surugau, Universiti Malaysia Sabah,Malaysia


11:30 每 11:45Applicability of new noncovalent poly(1-vinylpyrrolidone)-based copolymer coating to the separation of basic proteins and lipoproteins by capillary electrophoresis

Aijun Wang, University of Helsinki, Finland


11:45 每 12:00Monolithic polymer layer with dual chemistry for two-dimensional analysis of peptides using TLC-DESI-MS

Yehua Han, Beijing University, China


12:00 每 12:15 Data mining algorithms to improve the sensitivity and reliability for protein and protein phosphorylation identifications in shot-gun proteomics

Xinning Jiang, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS, China


YOUNG SCIENTIST SESSION 2 in Tianbofu Ballroom

CHAIR: Jonathan V. Sweedler, David D. Y. Chen


10:30 每 10:45A novel strategy for addressing post-translational modifications with low stoichiometry in protein kinase

Kai Zhang, Nankai University, China


10:45 每 11:00Automated proteomic reactor applied to uncover suprachiasmatic nucleus proteome

Ruijun Tian, Ottawa Institute of Systems Biology,Canada

11:00 每 11:15 Application of two dimensional liquid chromatography for the separation of tri and diblock of poly(-caprolactone) copolymers

Hasnat Ahmed, K.F.University Graz,Austria


11:15 每 11:30Effect of process parameters on polymer flow by hot embossing

Zhu Wang, University of Yamanashi, Japan


11:30 每 11:45Hybrid silica monolith based immobilized enzyme microreactors for high efficient digestion of proteome samples

Junfeng Ma,Dalian Insititute of Chemical Phisics, CAS, China


11:45 每 12:00Metabolic profiling strategy of biological samples by a multi-dimensional liquid chromatography - quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry

Honggang Nie, Beijing University, China


12:00 每 12:15Applications of monolithic column in proteome analysis

Fangjun Wang, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS, China


12:15 每 14:00 Lunch Break & Visit Exhibits and Posters


Afternoon Sessions

PARALLEL SESSION11 in Grand Ballroom

Hyphenated Techniques

CHAIR: Jeff Chapman, Jingwu Kang


14:00 每 14:25 High-Throughput Electrophoresis and MS Using Multi-Phase Flow

Robert T. Kennedy, University of Michigan,USA


14:25 每 14:50Determination of individual cell viability by continuous intact stained cell capillary electrophoresis with UV-Vis dual-wavelength detection

Feng Qu,Beijing Institute of Technology,China


14:50 每 15:10High efficiency electrophoretic analysis of segmented microdialysate flow in a microfluidic device for improved temporal resolution with In vivo chemical monitoring

Meng Wang, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor,USA


PARALLEL SESSION12 in Tianbofu Ballroom


CHAIR: Shiaw-lin Wu, Jicun Ren


14:00 每 14:25 Combining capillary electrophoresis with mass spectrometry for comparative peptidomics

Lingjun Li, University of Wisconsin-Madison,USA


14:25 每 14:50 Multi-dimensional chromatography followed by bioassays for screening active components in TCMs

Xiangmin Zhang, Fudan University,China


14:50 每 15:10Integrated microscale multidimensional liquid phase separation platforms for proteome analysis

Lihua Zhang, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS,China


15:10 每 15:30Coffee Break


PARALLEL SESSION13 in Grand Ballroom

Hyphenated Technique

CHAIR: Luigi Mondello, Chao Yan


15:30 每 15:55A systematic approach to developing a robust and sensitive interface for capillary electrophoresis mass spectrometry

David D. Y. Chen, University of British Columbia,Canada


15:55 每 16:20Development of LC-MS based method for metabonomics

Guowang Xu,Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS, China


16:20 每 16:40Trace analysis of tetracycline antibiotics in human urine using UPLC-QToF mass spectrometry

Hua Jin, Changwon National University, South Korea


16:40 每 17:00 Real-time monitoring of glucose and organophosphate using a molecularly-imprinted photonic crystal

Zihui Meng, Beijing Institute of Technology, China


PARALLEL SESSION14 in Tianbofu Ballroom

Pharmaceutical and Toxicological Analysis

CHAIR: Fred E. Regnier, Hongxi Xu


15:30 每 15:55Components and activity analyses of carthamus tinctorius L. pigment by ultraperformance liquid chromatography coupled with electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry and UV spectrophotometer

Zhenxia Du, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China


15:55 每 16:20Effects of safrole-NNK metabolism as evidence by metabolomic approach

Tsungyun Liu, National Yangming Unversity, Taiwan, China


16:20 每 16:45Solvent removal interface for micro-column two-dimensional NPLC/RPLC

Yafeng Guan, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS, China


16:40 每 17:05 Bioassay guided discovery of eriocalyxin B as potent apoptosis inducer from Isodon eriocalyx by high-speed counter-current chromatography and high-pressure liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry

Quanbin Han, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China


17:05 每 17:35Capillary electrophoresis with tris(2,2'-bipyridyl)ruthenium electrochemiluminescence for clinical analysis

Guobao Xu, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, CAS, China


Day 4 -- ThursdayOctober 22, 2009


Morning Sessions

PARALLEL SESSION15 in Grand Ballroom

Pharmaceutical and Toxicological analyses

CHAIR: Xiangmin Zhang, Qun Fang


8:15每 8:40Development and application of miniaturized analytical techniques for the monitoring of toxic chemicals in human samples

Hian Kee Lee, National University of Singapore, Singapore


8:40 每 9:05Protein kinase inhibitor screening in natural extracts by CE with on-column active assay

Jingwu Kang, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, CAS, China


9:05 每 9:30The analysis of transferrin isoforms with capillary electrophoresis in biological fluids.

Francois de l'Escaille, ANALIS S.A., Belgium


9:30 每 9:50Plasma separation of whole blood utilizing radial migration of blood cells in a microchip

Arata Aota, The University of Tokyo, Japan


PARALLEL SESSION16 in Tianbofu Ballroom

CE Technology

CHAIR: Gerard P. Rozing, Guowang Xu


8:15 每 8:40Screening of anti-nociceptive components in corydalis yanhusuo W.T. Wang by two-dimensional liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry

Guorong Fan, The Second Military Medical University, China


8:40 每 9:05Capillary electrochromatography using columns packed with submicro- to micrometer particles

Chao Yan, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China


9:05 每 9:30Polymeric monolithic ion-exchange stationary phases for the separation and purity profiling of biopharmaceuticals

Emily Hilder,University of Tasmania,Australia


9:30 每 9:50Silica nanoparticle-polyelectrolyte modified capillary electrophoresis for the separation of flavonoids and ascorbic acid in urine

Yifeng Tu, Suzhou University, China


9:50 每 10:10Coffee Break


PARALLEL SESSION17 in Grand Ballroom

Pharmaceutical and Toxicological analyses

CHAIR: Andr芍s Guttman, Shenxiang Jiang


10:10 每 10:35Seamless integration of ceramic-based microfluidic UPLC? devices with mass spectrometry

Steven A. Cohen, Waters Corporation, USA


10:35 每 11:00Multidimensional two-dimensional liquid chromatography coupled to an hybrid MS (LCxLC/IT-TOF) in the determination of complex samples

Luigi Mondello,University of Messina,Italy


11:00 每 11:25Investigation of apple juice constituents by metabonomics and hyphenated techniques using LC-SPE-NMR/TOF-MS

Li-Hong Tseng, Bruker BioSpin GmbH,Germany

11:25 每 11:50Free solution capillary electrophoresis for separation and characterization of small nuclei acid molecules

Hailin Wang,Reserch Center for Eco-Environmental Science, CAS, China


PARALLEL SESSION18 in Tianbofu Ballroom

CE Technology

CHAIR: Ulrich Tallarek, Jinming Lin


10:10 每 10:35 Developing CE-Based Assays for the Identification of Respiratory Viruses Co-circulating with Pandemic H1N1 2009

Jeff Chapman, Beckman Coulter Inc,USA


10:35 每 11:00 Ionic liquids in the separation of biomacromolecules

Jianhua Wang, Northeastern University, China


11:00 每 11:25Strategies for improving the detectability in microscale electrophoresis

Koji Otsuka, Kyoto University, Japan


11:25 每 11:50New approach to phosphopeptides enrichment using titanium-metal oxide composites and metal oxide modified mesoporous silica

Xinmiao Liang, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS, China


11:50 每 12:10Boronate affinity polymeric monolithic column-based capillary liquid chromatography for specific capture of cis-diol containing biomolecules

Zhen Liu, Nanjing University, China


12:00 每 14:00Lunch Break & Beckman workshop


Afternoon Sessions


CHAIR: Norman J. Dovichi, Yukui Zhang


14:00 每 14:35Capillary electrophoretic analyses based on novel amphiphiles and nanoparticles

Shouzhuo Yao, Hunan Normal University, China


14:35 每 15:10Long monolithic silica capillary columns for high-efficiency separations by micro-HPLC

Nobuo Tanaka, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan


15:10 每 16:50Development of 2D Capillary Isoelectric Focusing/ Capillary Sieving Electrophoresis with Laser-induced Fluorescence for the Analysis of Proteins in Biological Samples

Norman J. Dovichi,University of Washington,USA


16:50Closeing Ceremony