24th International Symposium on Microscale Bioseparations (Dalian, China)

October 18, 2009 - October 22, 2009

Furama Hotel


Confirmed Invited Speakers of 24th MSB

Daniel W. Armstrong University of Texas at Arlington USA
Yoshinobu Baba Nagoya University Japan
Jeff Chapman Beckman Coulter Inc. USA
David D.Y. Chen University of British Columbia Canada
Hongyuan Chen Nanjing University China
Steven A. Cohen Waters Corporation USA
Norman Dovichi University of Washington USA
Daniel Figeys University of Ottawa Canada
Frantisek Foret Academy of Sciences Brno Czech Republic
Andras Guttman Leopold-Franzens University Innsbruck Austria
Paul Haddad University of Tasmania Australia
Jun Haginaka Mukogawa Women's University Japan
William Hancock Barnett Institute, Northeastern University USA
Fuchu He Beijing Institute of Radiation Medicine China
Albert Heck University of Utrecht Netherlands
Barry L. Karger Barnett Institute, Northeastern University USA
Robert Kennedy University of Michigan USA
Takehiko Kitamori University of Tokyo Japan
X. Chris Le University of Alberta Canada
H.K. Lee National University of Signgapore Singapore
Wolfgang Lindner University of Vienna Austria
Stacey Ma Genentech Inc. USA
Luigi Mondello University of Messina Italy
Wassim Nashabeh Genentech Inc. USA
Koji Otsuka Kyoto University Japan
Zaid El Rassi Oklahoma State University USA
Fred Regnier Purdue University USA
Gerard Rozing Agilent Technologies GmbH Germany
Frantisek Svec Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory USA
Jonathan Sweedler University of Illinois USA
Ulrich Tallarek Philipps-University at Marburg Germany
Nobuo Tanaka Kyoto Institute of Technology Japan
Shigeru Terabe Himeji Institute of Technology Japan
Erkang Wang Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry China
Yinsheng Wang University of California at Riverside USA
John Yates The Scripps Research Institute USA
Edward S. Yeung Iowa State University USA
Richard Zare Stanford University USA
Yukui Zhang Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics China
Emily Hilder University of Tasmania Australia
Xingfang Li University of Alberta Canada
Machiel Siu York University Canada
Lingjun Li University of Wisconsin-Madison USA
Lindstrom Andrew U.S. Environmental Protection Agency USA
Hongxi Xu Hong Kong Jockey Club Institute of Chinese Medicine Hong Kong, China

Speech topics

Daniel W. Armstrong (USA) •  Electrokinetic Microbial Separations: Toward Sterility and Diagnostic Blood Tests
Yoshinobu Baba (Japan) •  Micro- and nanofluidics for single biomolecule and single cell analyasis
Jeff Chapman (USA) •  Advancing the Performance of CE-MS/MS, Using ESI with a Sheathless Porous Sprayer.
David D.Y. Chen (Canada) •  A systematic approach to developing a robust and sensitive interface for capillary electrophoresis mass spectrometry
Steven A. Cohen (USA) •  Seamless Integration of Ceramic-based Microfluidic UPLC(tm) Devices with Mass Spectrometry
Norman Dovichi (USA) •  Development of 2D Capillary Isoelectric Focusing/ Capillary Sieving Electrophoresis with Laser-induced Fluorescence for the Analysis of Proteins in Biological Samples
Daniel Figeys (Canada ) •  Proteomic and lipidomic technologies to explore human diseases
Frantisek Foret (Czech Republic) •  Lithographically defined metal surfaces; modifications and applications
Andras Guttman (Austria) •  Glycosylation pattern analysis of human glycoproteins by affinity chromatography and capillary electrophoresis
Paul Haddad (Australia) •  Amphiphilic RAFT nanoparticles as a pseudostationary phase for electrokinetic chromatography
Jun Haginaka (Japan) •  Molecularly imprinted microspheres for separation of drug enantiomers
William Hancock • Glycoprotein (Glycan) Markers for the Early Detection of Breast Cancer
Albert Heck (Netherlands) •  Enabling Technologies for the analysis of post-translational modifications
Barry L. Karger (USA) •  New Approaches to Characterization of Post-Translational Modifications of Proteins Using LC/MS and CE/MS
Robert Kennedy (USA) •  Dynamic Metabolomics Measurements Using CE and Capillary LC
Takehiko Kitamori (Japan) •  On-Chip Serum Separation Systems from Whole Blood Combining with -ELISA
X. Chris Le (Canada) •  Nucleic acid probes for bioanalytical detection and separation
HianKee Lee (Singapore) • Development and application of miniaturized analytical techniques for the monitoring of toxic chemicals in human samples
Wolfgang Lindner (Austria ) •  Selected bioactive compounds analysis by dedicated stationary phases
Stacey Ma (USA) •  CE in the Biotechnology Industry: a Journey over the Last Decade
Luigi Mondello (Italy) • Multidimensional two-dimensional liquid chromatography coupled to an hybrid MS (LCxLC/IT-TOF) in the determination of complex samples
Wassim Nashabeh (USA) •  Regulatory Considerations in Implementing CE in the Biotech Industry
Koji Otsuka (Japan) •  Strategies for improving the detectability in microscale electrophoresis
Zaid El Rassi (USA) •  An Integrated Fluidic Platformfor Simultaneous Depletion and Prefractionation of Proteins Prior to Two-Dimensional Electrophoresis for Facilitating In-Depth Serum Proteomics Profiling
Fred Regnier (USA ) •  Use of Glycan Targeting Antibodies to Identify Cancer-Associated Glycoproteins in Human Plasma.
Gerard Rozing (Germany) •  Is Capillary Electrophoresis going into a renaissance?
Frantisek Svec (USA) •  Porous polymer monoliths with surface chemistry tailored for high performance
Jonathan Sweedler (USA) •  Single Neuron Metabolomics using Capillary Electrophoresis
Ulrich Tallarek (Germany) •  Preconcentration, separation, and detection on microfluidic platforms
Nobuo Tanaka (Japan) •  Long monolithic silica capillary columns for high-efficiency separations by micro-HPLC
Shigeru Terabe (Japan) •  Where should MEKC go
Yinsheng Wang (USA) •  LC-MS/MS for assessing the cytotoxic and mutagenic properties of DNA lesions in cells
John Yates (USA ) •  Driving Biological Discovery using Multidimensional Separations and Advanced Mass Spectrometry
Edward S. Yeung (USA) •  Protein Structure/Function studied by Capillary Electrophoresis
Richard Zare (USA) •  Extracting Genetic Information from Single Cells
Yukui Zhang (China) • Advancement of separation and identification techniques for proteome study
Emily Hilder (Australia) • Polymeric Monolithic Ion-exchange Stationary Phases for the Separation and Purity Profiling of Biopharmaceuticals
Xingfang Li (Canada) • LC/MS/MS Discovery of Novel Water Disinfection Byproducts
Lingjun Li (USA) • Combining Capillary Electrophoresis with Mass Spectrometry for Comparative Peptidomics
Lindstrom Andrew (USA) • Evaluating Human Exposures to Persistent Perfluorinated Compounds
Hongxi Xu (Hong Kong, China) •  Recent Developments in the Modernization of Chinese Medicine in HKJCICM- Separation, identification and bioactivity studies of compounds from medicinal plants