The 24th International Symposium on Microscale Bioseparations, Dalian, China

October 19-22, 2009


60# Renmin Road, Furama Hotel



Overseas Registration

Nice Reminding:

Transportation, Climate & Clothing

How to get to Dalian

1) Overseas→Beijing capital Int’l Airport→Dalian Zhoushuizi Airport
2) Overseas→Shanghai Pudong Int’l Airport→Dalian Zhoushuizi Airport
3) Overseas→Dalian Zhoushuizi Airport
4) Domestic→Dalian Zhoushuizi Airport
5 )Domestic→Dalian Railway Station

How to get to Furama Hotel

Address: No.60 Renmin Road, Zhongshan District, Dalian, China.

1) If you arrived at the Dalian Zhoushuizi Airport , please take a taxi to Furama Hotel . It costs you about ¥30.

2) If you arrived at Dalian Railway Station, please take a taxi to Furama Hotel . It costs you about ¥10.

Climate & Clothing

Dalian lies in the warm temperate zone of the North Hemisphere, with maritime feature of warm temperate continental monsoon climate. Thus, its four seasons are distinct with neither extremely cold weather in winter nor extremely hot weather in summer. The annual average temperature generally remains close to 10.5℃ and the rainfall of the year is 550 to 950 millimeters. In the meeting days (Oct.18 to Oct.22), the average temperature is 10 to 18℃, but the temperature difference between the whole day is huge. Therefore, you will need a lined jacket or woolen sweater over light clothes. At the daytime, a long-sleeved shirt or light coat is recommended. At the morning and evening, a light sweater and coat will keep you warm enough.

The 24th MSB had closed victoriously on Oct. 22 (Photograph Album)
The successful convocation of 24th MSB on Oct. 19 (Photograph Album)
·The map of conference hall
·Final program(PDF)

·Poster Dimension: W80cm;H120cm.

·Student Travel Award Application for 24th MSB2009

·The deadline for abstract submission has been extended to Sep.15, 2009.
·The Invitation Letter of Sponsorship and Exhibition
·Sponsorship and Exhibition Application Form (download)
·Abstract Template (download)
·The Floor Plan of Exhibition


The Organizing Committee gratefully acknowledges the sponsors for their generous support of 24th MSB 2009 






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